Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

There are numerous reasons why I choose to create mockups for free. I derive immense satisfaction from sharing my work with others and witnessing the impact of their contributions on the visualizations I create.

Moreover, managing a website that generates income through advertising is considerably simpler compared to operating an online store. Since these mockups are available for free, any mistakes I make do not have detrimental consequences. If I were to create paid mockups, the burden of responsibility would be overwhelming and potentially hinder my ability to freely explore and innovate.

In fact, the demand for mockups in the graphic design industry is incredibly high. It is virtually impossible for a single individual to produce such a vast quantity of mockups that they would pose a significant threat to the existing market. Personally, I focus on creating only the most essential and fundamental mockups.

Many designers and graphic companies learn from my mockups and incorporate them into their daily work. Eventually, they reach a point where they seek out additional mockups, often opting for premium ones.

The world of graphic design is vast, and I firmly believe that there is ample space for both a free database of mockups and a market for more specialized mockups that require payment. These two realms are not in conflict, but rather complement each other.

I rely solely on creating mockups as my primary source of income. As a result, I prioritize offering free mockups. It is important to recognize that some form of revenue is necessary, and advertising serves as the most convenient and reasonable means of generating income.

Although I personally dislike ads due to their negative impact on the site’s aesthetics and their intrusive nature, they are necessary to sustain both myself and the servers.

Advertisements enable me to maintain this entire business operation, so even if they may be bothersome, I kindly request that you refrain from discouraging me and understand my circumstances.

Mockup creation allows me to merge my passions for graphic design, 3D, web design, and photography into one cohesive endeavor. This is undoubtedly a dream scenario for any professional, particularly for a graphic designer.

Regular & Extended Licenses

The mockups available on this website are indeed free of charge. There are no hidden licenses or extra costs involved. You are welcome to download and utilize any mockup from the site for both commercial and personal purposes without any additional fees.

To see precisely what you can and can’t do with mockups from mockupful.com, please refer to the license page. But in short, you can do whatever you want with them. There are only two restrictions that I would like you to abide by.

    • Do not share my mockups as open PSD or TIF files.
    • Do not sell or distribute them on stock/microstock websites, both paid and free ones.

Certainly. You are allowed to utilize mockups from platforms such as Creative Market or Fiverr, as long as you refrain from sharing the open PSD files on your own website or your client’s website. These platforms provide a suitable space for you to showcase your work using mockups. Whether you are presenting a project, graphic, illustration, font, or any other item that is the focus of your sale, you are free to make use of mockups from sources like mockupful.com to effectively present your products.

Yes, you are allowed to utilize a mockup in a commercial project. Feel free to incorporate my mockups into any commercial project, regardless of its magnitude or extent. There are no restrictions on using graphics produced with mockups from mockupful.com in various platforms such as television, billboards, or online advertising campaigns.

You have the ability to make changes to the mockup. Feel free to personalize it to suit your requirements and adjust it to align with your project. I recommend fully embracing this opportunity and avoiding any restrictions.

You are not allowed to share the modified mockup on your website. The modified mockup is my intellectual property and can only be published on mockupful.com. Nevertheless, you are free to make modifications to the mockup for your personal or client-related needs.

Certainly. That is the exact purpose of mockups – to exhibit your work and present it digitally and to clients while developing projects for them.

You are able to take advantage of the mockups provided to you. You can make money by utilizing the mockups from mockupful.com, as long as you comply with their licensing terms.

It is not permissible to sell your mockup on a stock website, regardless of whether you are using the provided sample design or your own inserted design. However, you are allowed to utilize the mockup from mockupful.com to display a project that you are selling on a stock website. In simpler terms, if the item being sold is your own project, font, graphic, illustration, or animation, you can make use of the mockup to present it.

I’m sorry, but you are not permitted to share my mockup on your website. The only authorized platform for sharing my mockups is mockupful.com. If you decide to upload the mockup, whether modified or unmodified, on your website, it would be considered a breach of the license terms. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to include a link directing users to the mockups on mockupful.com. In fact, I highly recommend doing so.