License for the use of mockups from the

License Subject: This license grants permission to utilize Mockups found on the site based on the terms outlined in this agreement.

License Scope: You are authorized to use Mockups from the website for various purposes, including commercial use. Feel free to incorporate Mockups in different mediums like online, print, TV, or your portfolio. Additionally, there are no restrictions on using Mockups for your clients’ projects.

Please take note of the following restrictions:

a) Mockup files downloaded from the website cannot be shared in open formats like PSD or TIF. This includes sharing on websites, through file transfers, email, FTP, and other external services.

b) Selling or distributing Mockups on stock and microstock websites is strictly prohibited. This restriction also applies to Mockups with the sample design disabled.

Usage of Mockups: Once you’ve made changes to the design and saved the Mockup as a flattened graphic file, feel free to distribute it in this form. You can share the prepared flattened file with clients, showcase it in portfolios, use it in television and press advertising, display it on websites and online stores, share it on social media, and more.

No Source Attribution Requirement: If you’re using Mockups from for commercial purposes, there’s no need to include a link or any other information that indicates the source of the Mockups.

Other Conditions:

a) This license only covers Mockups that are downloaded from the website and does not include any other materials available on the site.

b) All Mockups available on the website belong to

c) I cannot be held responsible for any damages, losses, or claims that may arise from using the Mockups provided on the website.

d) By accepting this license, you agree to the terms mentioned above and promise to follow them when using the Mockups provided on the website.